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In celebration of Prince George's 4th birthday, here's a look at his top toddler moments.

Gay prayer for Prince George remarks 'unkind and destructive' 1 December Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Prince George is third in line to the throne A senior Anglican minister has been criticised for saying people should pray for Prince George to be gay to help the Church of England recognise same-sex marriage. His comments have been described as "unkind" and "destructive". More on this story.

School district reviews relationship with Ness Lake after complaints

Prince George asks Santa for police car on dad's Finland trip. Scottish Episcopal Church approves gay marriage. Anglicans sanction Scottish Episcopal Church over same-sex marriage. Human Rights Code, an equality and anti-discrimination law professor said the incidents prompt an important public question.

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It also raises interesting and complex questions about the intersection between religious freedom and discrimination. She had attended the religious camps since she was in Grade 1 and three years ago moved into a volunteer role as a Leader-in-Training, spending almost entire summers at the hour Christian camp. Early this year, the year-old applied for her usual volunteer role. Soon, Horton messaged her to say there were "complications with her application.

I told him I would never do that, I would never bring personal stuff into the camp," she said, adding she accepts it wouldn't be her place to talk about sexuality or gender at a Christian camp. Ferguson said she and another student were given the option to do service work - cleaning, or working in the kitchen - away from campers. Ferguson, like all camp workers, signed a code of conduct that said they must "avoid conduct that is unethical or immoral and to avoid behaviour that is contrary to biblical principles," including "premarital, extramarital or homosexual relationships.

During camp, sexuality isn't touched on, she said, but every year she's been a volunteer, the camp has shown a video of an interview with a pastor. He ignores the feeling.

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  • If you're trying to 'heal yourself,' from it then you're fine," she said, using air quotes around those two words. It's not an illness. As long as they still have righteous life and follow Him. One Hope did not address questions about Ferguson's experience but said it wouldn't ask workers "to put themselves in a position of teaching beliefs they themselves did not share. When Ferguson heard she wasn't welcome back as a camp leader, she was too shocked to speak. But by the third call with Horton, she worked up the courage to push back.

    I was never even noticed because I was the quiet kid who was always, always there," she said. Her grandmother Wendy Bergeron said watching Ferguson struggle with the news in the weeks after was "very, very, very upsetting to put it mildly. She recalled a furious conversation with Horton but "nothing came of it of course.

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    Ferguson said she'd been told gay and lesbian leaders were permitted, but they couldn't work in the cabins. There are so many children, like Julianna did, who live for their summers out there for so many reasons," she said. Ferguson, who lost some friends because she spoke up, is happy to see the school district take action. The district's directive may be temporary, as the issue will go before a committee for consideration in September. It'll be a public process at that point, Cable said, when partner groups will be invited into the discussion.

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    Hewlett sees the incidents - where she was denied the ability to speak and the girls to volunteer - as human rights issues. Before the Charter of Rights and Freedoms - which does not govern religious non-profits - and the B. Human Rights Code, which does, these are examples of discrimination, Young agreed.

    But the code has a subsection that permits discrimination - or "preference" - if the organization "has as a primary purpose the promotion of the interests and welfare of an identifiable group.