The illusion of online dating privacy gets whisked away with the use of LinkedIn. It's a grey, sticky area of life on dating apps. One the one hand, it can be a relatively harmless bit of investigation to make sure who you're meeting is the person they say they are.

Red Flags: Do You Have an Online Dating Cyber Stalker? – The Upper Hand

After all, they're most likely Googling you as well. On the other hand, it's a slippery slope that says nothing about respecting another person's space and can quickly turn uber creepy.

Like Uber, but for creepy. And if you're thinking that LinkedIn usually does a good job letting you know who's lurking on your profile, Chrome's Incognito Mode circumvents that, adding another layer of murkiness.

Using LinkedIn in this shifty manner might seem far fetched, but it definitely happens. In online detective work, it's a multi-faceted tool. Though it can absolutely be used for evil.


If this poking into your privacy gives you pause, you can take steps to make your information more difficult to reach. While LinkedIn doesn't have the best in privacy protection, you can choose to remove your profile from public view, so people can't reach it via search engine. If that's too drastic for you, you can choose to hide your picture, your job title, your education, etc.

It's getting harder and harder to maintain online privacy in general. Things get even trickier when online dating comes into play, because you might actually want people to know a thing or two about your.

What is Stalking?

It's a moving standard that everyone has to set for themselves. Just be aware that people use LinkedIn for way more than synergizing their networking solutions to maximize career potential: We're using cookies to improve your experience.

They met and parted ways after a week of very satisfying BDSM activities. He also proudly claimed to hold the record of having get laid on every date. His next monologue focused on a series detailing his list of "casual" partners and how successfully he was able to "manage" four women in a day.

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After reaching home, I got nearly 55 calls on my phone, 30 WhatsApp messages, 30 SMSes and another 70 similar messages on the app, mostly saying "What happened" and ending with "Now you see what I do to you". I uninstalled the app instantly and blocked him on WhatsApp. I guess the male ego was hurt, and he started calling me incessantly. I blocked his calls too. Then followed vicious abusive SMSes, that were blocked as well.

Red Flags: Do You Have an Online Dating Cyber Stalker?

That day, I just lay back shivering and kept thinking what would be his next move. I couldn't believe my luck that I was able to run away from that place and save myself. In any case, a week later I thought it was over. But I was wrong. He again started calling me, this time from unknown numbers.


He stalked me on social media, sent requests on Facebook with fake profiles, wrote on my Twitter timeline. He stalked me on possible social media platform. I realised how dangerous online dating could get. At least, I was not meant for the digital love. This incident shook me up so much that even the thought of such dating apps scared me.

Date from hell: Woman arrested for stalking, threats, and 65,000 texts to online dating match

I have uninstalled them and under no circumstances will ever think of revisiting such spaces ever again. Niharika may have uninstalled the apps, but horrific memories of the encounter continues to haunt her. No matter how many tips are available on "how to date a woman" — the twisted logic of when she says "no" means "yes", continues to exist among Indian men. Why online dating isn't for girls like me.