I have lived on both "north" and "south" sides and here's how I can sum up each dorm: Loud, lots of parties. Will be renovated over the next two years.

Challenges of College Dating According to Students

I lived there freshman year. Also pretty loud, though not as boisterous as Anderson -Centennial: Just renovated, suite-style living. Don't expect to live there as a freshman though. Probably the loudest of the north side dorms -- also the international dorm. But it really is the best of both worlds. You can compare it to Letts.

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Lived there sophomore year. Lots of athletes who are cliquey amongst themselves. It kind of messes with the social dynamic of the hall. Don't come here to party. I don't think that happens too often. It's a very studious dorm. College Democrats and Republicans are very popular. All of the Division 1 sports are equally as popular, while the club sports get less attention.

However, as the year goes on, it is less frequent. Guest Speakers are extremely popular, with at least a few occurring each day.

Challenges of College Dating According to Students | Her Campus

Sports events are next, which do attract a good crowd. Theater productions are popular, but not so much as the other two. I met my closest friends right across the hall from me in my dorm because at the beginning of the year we kept our doors open. Last weekend, I went to the movies in Chinatown and shopped on Friday. Saturday, I ate at a downtown cafe and went to the Smithsonian Natural History museum. Sunday, I had a meeting for a group project, went to a review session for Microeconomics, and did homework. You can go monument hopping, museum hopping, shopping in Friendship Heights or Pentagon City, explore Georgetown, go to the Capital, go to a movie, go to the National Zoo, go to the National Archives, get a bite to eat with friends, and even go to a Frat party and not drink on a Saturday night.

I only touched on a couple of activities--you will never be bored in this city! Greek life at AU is something that is big, but also totally avoidable if you don't have any friends involved in Greek life; basically, it is there if you want it but you don't have to be consumed with it if you don't. Athletic events are overall not very popular, however, guest speakers populate AU all the time.

The theatre puts on multiple shows each semester, yet is about a 15 minute walk from main campus. However, DC is a college town so if dating at AU is not working out, there are plenty of other schools to check out. In general, I feel that people have a great mix between partying and studying. Since AU is a dry campus, none of the partying is actually done on campus, making it easier to get work done if you need to.

I think it is very easy to meet people at AU. There are a lot of activities on campus to choose from. Sports are all very popular. AU's basketball team is pretty good and the games are always packed. AU also has tons of amazing guest speakers that come to the University. Lots of politicians, world leaders, etc. A couple years ago, the Dalai Lama came to speak! People at AU do party, but not extremely.

I've had friends who go out every night and friends who have never gone out drinking in their life. Most people save their partying for the weekend, though many go out on Tuesday night as it's fairly easy to arrange your schedule to have no classes on Wednesday. Basically, there's a lot for people to do no matter what their interests are.

People at AU tend to find their niche and do their own thing, whatever that is. AU has a dry campus, but that certainly doesn't stop people from drinking anywhere, really. I write for student publications and volunteer pretty frequently off-campus. I also am a part of various social justice groups.

"Asian Dating Double Standards" #Soc119

I have never been to a game or an on-campus play. However, if the right political speaker comes, people will flock to the event. I got to meet Dan Rather thanks to an event by the Kennedy Political Union, which organizes most of the on-campus speaking events. A freshman year tradition would be waiting for a frat bro to give you a ride to a party, since you can't just walk into the frat houses at AU.

They're all off campus. Stop limiting yourself to certain fraternities because of social status connotations.

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There are great guys everywhere and to limit yourself to certain organizations is childish. After asking students of many different genders and backgrounds, I found that their responses were all over the place on this question. In general though, everyone could agree with the pessimistic view that if you're someone who wants a relationship during this time period, you're screwed. The person who cares more in the relationship is definitely the biggest victim. Black women are very much victims because they need to get more credit than they do, and more attention.

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In the queer world, Black gays and women get overlooked because we get fetishized or overlooked. Also trans people because the media always portrays them as people who are just transitioning and never as people who are looking to have relationships. Everyone is a victim in a generation where everything is based on physical attraction and hooking up. When physical attraction is the basis of a relationship both people suffer from body issues. Not that we need to go around blaming people for the way our generation dates now, but I was curious to see who or what college students thought caused this dating problem that we have.

I would say guys, honestly. American University prides itself on being academically challenging and a place were driven student can suceed. So given that everyone I interviewed attends American University, I thought that I'd find out if people thought that this hardcore environment impacted the way that they dated. If you want to be with someone you will put in that effort to make it work.

So its like focus on relationship and sacrifice school or the opposite. Is there a story about modern dating that's happened to you that you'd like to share? Based on quality of housing, food services, student reviews, and additional factors. Based on campus diversity, social scene, student reviews, and additional factors. What is your overall opinion of your school and the campus community? I love everything about my school and have a lot of campus pride.

I like mostly everything about my school, but there are some things I wish were different. The school community is okay-we're all just here for an education, nothing more.

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