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It could have been that my sister and I expected the milestone or that none of us wanted to have an odd version of the birds-and-the-bees conversation. He found success on that site, but I gave up after a couple of lackluster dates. I decided to take a one-and-a-half-year hiatus from online dating while he continued to meet different women with various backgrounds. I met a few men the old-fashioned way — at the gym, out at bars, IRL situations that are practically unheard of now.

My Dad And I Are On Dating Apps At The Same Time. Here's What It's Like. | HuffPost

His first serious girlfriend came into his life in late in the summer of , just over two years after my mom died. The woman had a great sense of humor and a vibrant personality and truly seemed invested in our relationship. My heaviest tears continued into that Christmas, but I usually let them fall only when I was alone.

He has had several relationships with women who attended major events and spent holidays with us through the years. We discussed the difficult times and laughed when that was the only thing we could do. My dad met most of these women on Match, and I thought that was his only online dating outlet, until this summer, when he alluded to Tinder. I was enjoying an Egg McMuffin in his car while he was informing me of his current girlfriend. But Tinder definitely has it right. Bodily harm seemed more appealing than the thought of my dad swiping right or left on a woman in her late 50s or early 60s.

He dates women only around his age. My experience has been that the only reason an abuser does the leaving is because their victim starts to get out, mentally, and the abuser leaves first. I had threats of leaving and divorce for YEARS, but as soon as I finally had it, the whole narrative turned on a dime to the opposite. PS, remarried to a delightful person who respects boundaries and is kind. Just a reminder that abuse can be left and things can be better. So wrong and so insensitive it makes my head spin.

I think that stood out to me because I also had a father problem and my mom, instead of supporting me and backing me up, refused to do anything. And you definitely have a father problem and a Jill problem.

You can be the most sullen and absent-minded person on the planet, yet you still do not deserve such treatment. You can be inexperienced, too.

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OP, your mom is not good at teaching you when to say NO. She probably does not say NO often enough herself.

My Dad And I Are On Dating Apps At The Same Time. Here's What It's Like.

Look for other people to show you how to do this. How did this get straight to blaming the mother when it is clearly the father that is the problem. That can be common from parents of kids just emerging from school. I encourage OP to seek emotional support outside of her family while going through this!

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Yes, this really stood out to me too. Listen to your friends, LW! This job is not going to open doors. It is toxic and seems to be getting worse. Cut your losses and get out.

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I think some people really fall for that myth that youre not supposed to talk smack about the other parent after divorce. That being a good divorced parent is to be ridiculously amicable. But of course its the dad who takes the prize here. Oh LW, this is heartbreaking. The people in your life who you quite reasonably expect to have more maturity and wisdom than you are failing you horribly. OP, none of this is normal. Anyone who tells you otherwise is gaslighting you.

But absolutely none of that is your fault. And until you can do so, please look after yourself as best as you can, and know that none of this is your fault. It was horribly toxic and dysfunctional. Getting out of a dysfunctional work place was the best thing I did for my mental health and physical health at the time, considering the black mold, but anyway. You will find another job.

You will find something that works for you.

You are not a terrible person for quitting a job less than a year in. Also, your dad kind of sucks right now. So quit that job, take a step back. I quit my first job out of school after 9 months. Quit without anything lined up.

At the time I felt like I was making some horrible mistake that would haunt me for years. Everything turned out just fine. Did some temping and part time stuff for a few months, and then found another full time job. And my mom really pushed me to stay. I waited tables for a couple months and found an amazingly great job that launched a decent career path for me. Best decision I ever made. I let myself be talked into staying a year before applying elsewhere…. I was just beyond unhappy, depressed, dreading getting out of bed in the morning, crying on the way to the office….

Once I got into a functional office, I realized just how damn ridiculous it was to stay there a second longer than I had to. The best thing that happened for me in that job was when they let me go. It helped that they were so messed up, after telling me Friday would be my last day, they begged me to stay another week when they realized how much I was handling. Know that your perspective is the correct one, and that there are sane employers out there.

It was only though another job I realised that sometimes going to work could be fun. I have not had a significant other who did not know from the start that my adult kids were off-limits. You do not mess with my children. Yeah … I google and run background checks on anyone I am considering introducing to my kids.

Even if they were adults, I would still do it. I think the dad here could learn this lesson. I just thought the same thing. Yeah, your dad sucks. Putting a new partner above your children is a big no-no. Starbucks, temp agencies, Craigslist, Mechanical Turk, driving for Uber, whatever you can get to cobble together a living while looking for something more permanent. I would add here that a retail or food service job might be a great move at this stage. Something with clear, set hours and clear or clearer goals.

Something to erase this hell of an institution that you have fallen into. Structure, even for minimum wage, might be a good thing to strive for as you figure out your next move. Yes, my favorite part about restaurant work is that at the end of your shift you go home, leave the job behind and start a new shift the next day. Like a doctor, but without the pay or respect. I used to work in a grocery store and would often not get my schedule for the following week starting Sunday until Friday or Saturday.

It would be posted in my department on the bulletin board. Even a small increase in schedule predictability sounds like an improvement for OP at this point. If you had ten years of 9-month jobs? If you have ONE 9-month job, your first job out of grad school???

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But it was just like … mundane bad. I now have a career. I feel very good about where I am right now. Sharing my story because every time I did leave it was an intolerable person and my intolerable people all pale in comparison to yours. I was fired 8 months into my first job out of college.

I was absolutely devastated, partially because it took me about seven months to get that job. Six weeks later, I had a new job closer to my field of study that offered real career growth. LW, you can absolutely recover from several months of job hunting and a short stint at a job. OP, you are totally not at fault for the amount of dysfunction being thrown at you.

Most not profits have board of directors, if you have a good relationship with any of the board members it might be worth bring her insane behavior to their attention. Find a bunch a part-time jobs at Starbuck, the Gap, McDonald, whatever it is you have to do because this House of Evil Bees is going to be more stressful than working multiple part-time crappy jobs.

OP, please leave now and find PT work to sustain you until the next career position comes around.